Official Lyyn who was once Diamond Platnumz lover has come out to reveal that she is not in a position to predict whether she will get back with the Tanzanian star or not.

She revealed this during an interview with Clouds FM during her media tour in Tanzania. According to her it’s impossible to tell whether her relationship with Diamond is dead for good.

Lyyn went on to add that they could rekindle their old flame or decide not to since things have not been so good between the two.

“Siwezi kusema kuwa sitakuja kurudiana au nitarudiana na Diamond kwasababu Mungu ndiye anapanga kila kitu.”

Lynn’s music career
Having started off her career as a video vixen, Lynn now says that she will be focusing on how to her music grow.

Kwa sasa nimebase sana kwenye kufanya muziki hivyo video vixen nimeiweka pembeni kidogo

Official Lyyn
Judging from all the interviews she has been doing lately; fans feel that she talks more about her past relationship with Diamond Platnumz and not promoting her music.